Intentions that are little enough to feel good about self care.

While setting ambitious goals can help you move forward, it’s equally crucial to discover little methods to look after yourself every day. Self care rituals are frequently given less importance by working professionals and parents who must balance work and personal obligations on a daily basis. Although we are running out of time, some of them sound a little too daunting. Eliminate sugar entirely? Do 30 minutes of meditation each day? When we’ve just found a new series worth binge-watching, why put ourselves to a strict 10 o’clock bedtime?

Some goals seem genuinely unattainable, let alone ones that can be sustained indefinitely. Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself, think about tackling more little, manageable goals to promote wellbeing throughout your life & self care. We consulted professionals in a range of disciplines, including mindfulness, mental health, nutrition, business, and more, to learn about their favorite doable yet significant daily wellness mini-goals.

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1. Take a walk—without your phone.

“It might be hard for many of us to switch off, so we often talk on the phone or listen to podcasts as we walk. Try to avoid using your phone as much as you can this year and observe how much more magical and grounded being outside can be. You’ll start to notice the little things, like the way the leaves change or the frost on the ground, and just breathing in the fresh air may do wonders for your mental health. On Adulting: How Millennials (And Any Human, Really) Can Work Less, Live More, and Bend the Rules for Good by Katina Mountanos, mindset coach

2. Stretch for 10 minutes in the morning.

“Rather than fixating on shedding pounds, let’s embrace a more holistic approach by caring for our bodies. Begin by acknowledging any areas of tension and treating yourself with compassion. Embrace the quiet and peaceful morning moments, indulging in gentle stretches before starting your day’s adventure. This serene and nurturing beginning has the potential to color your entire day with positivity. Curate a personalized 10-minute playlist, uplifting your spirit and fueling motivation during your delightful stretching ritual.” —Hanna Stensby, licensed marriage and family therapist

3. Reflect on your day while brushing your teeth.

Check in with yourself care at the end of the day to discuss your day’s highs and lows. We frequently fail to recognize our accomplishments because of the daily commotion. Daily introspection can help you build self-care and stay motivated to reach your objectives. The last thing you want to do is to do another tedious activity after a long day. So, make it straightforward: “Reflect while you brush your teeth.” —Registered dietician for Factor, Kara Kash, RD, LDN

4. Schedule time for creativity.

“It’s imperative to block aside calendar time for creating because so few folks reach their full creative potential and because the percentage of us who experience burnout and anxiety is rising. Even a little bit of creative downtime once or twice a week can help you develop stress-relieving habits and ultimately result in a more contented existence. Kate Mountanos

5. Go tech-free first thing in the morning. (This will take you self care to the next level)

“A healthy morning routine is essential to starting your day off well, so I strongly suggest pushing yourself to cut off technology for the first few minutes. Keep your phone out of the bedroom in order to achieve this. Go easy on yourself and keep trying if you find this difficult.

Create a quick morning routine tailored for you and keep in mind that everything on your phone will still be there when you decide to pick it up more deliberately. Make your bedroom a haven for rest and sleep by making an investment in a basic digital or analog clock for your nightstand to wake you up in the morning. —Tara Stiles, a yoga specialist who is also the author of Clean Mind, Clean Body: A 28-Day Plan for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Self Care.

6. Try 4-4-4 breathing Self Care.

“For millennia, the profound art of deep breathing has been an integral aspect of healing practices worldwide. Even modern Western researchers have ventured into the realm of breath’s potential, discovering that simple breathing exercises hold the key to reducing stress and elevating our spirits. Unveiling the magic within, deep breathing floods our beings with vitalizing oxygen, nurturing our physical well-being.

Embrace the enchantment of a gracefully simple breathing exercise to harmonize stress and cultivate holistic well-being. Inhale tenderly, savoring the nourishing air for a gentle count of four, embrace stillness as you hold for another four counts, and then exhale serenely for the same duration. Dedicate merely five minutes to this transformative practice and bask in its afterglow. You shall bask in a tranquil aura, heightened focus, and a revitalized essence, even through this fleeting rendezvous with your breath.” — Serena Poon, the culinary alchemist, esteemed chef, and passionate nutritionist.

7. Eat more slowly and mindfully.

“Mindful eating entails taking your time, putting away the phone, and focusing on the mouthwatering food. You may enhance your connection with food and reduce stress by engaging in mindful eating. Decide which meal would be the most convenient for you to start implementing mindfulness techniques. Set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes, put your phone away, and then concentrate on taking pleasure in your meal. At first, it could seem a little odd, but after you get into the habit, it can be calming and peaceful. — Kara Kash

8. Read 10 pages of a book each day.

“Embrace the art of reading as a doorway to mindfulness and self-awareness , Self Care. As you immerse yourself in the tangible realm of a physical book, it casts a spell of presence, captivates your senses, and pulls you into the beauty of the present moment. Within these pages, an extraordinary opportunity awaits, a chance to feed your mind and nurture your soul. Delight in the interplay between fiction’s imaginative wonders and the treasure trove of knowledge in non-fiction. And all it takes is a few moments each day, savoring the written words, to witness the delightful transformation of your confidence and the insatiable hunger of curiosity.” — Lauren Cook, a compassionate therapist, an inspiring speaker, and a storyteller through her words.

9. Have a weekly date—with yourself.

“Embracing self care with positivity means reclaiming control over our time and existence. Allocating some precious moments to oneself becomes an essential ritual. By focusing solely on others’ needs, we might find ourselves drained and disheartened.

Picture a delightful weekly appointment with the most significant person in your life – YOU! Even dedicating just one hour to this special date can work wonders. Dive into the enchanting world of a book, take a leisurely walk surrounded by nature’s embrace, share laughter and stories with dear friends, or indulge in a delectable treat; the possibilities are endless. What matters most is doing what truly uplifts your spirit and brings a genuine smile to your face.” — Briony Leo, psychologist, and lead coach at Relish.

10. Get 10 minutes of sunshine in the morning.

Our circadian cycle, which affects our mood, energy levels, productivity, and other factors, is governed by the sun. The rising sun announces the beginning of the day by signaling our cortisol to rise. Comparatively speaking to earlier times, we get less solar exposure today. Bring your coffee, a notebook, and any other materials you might need for meditation before spending the first 10 minutes of your day outside. nutritional expert Jenny Blake

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11. Write down five positive phrases to say to yourself.

The majority of us frequently tell ourselves derogatory things such, “You’re so stupid!” or “What’s wrong with you?,” when we make a mistake. We want to be our own best friends, but finding loving, encouraging words to say to ourselves on the spur of the moment is really difficult.

Here’s a wonderful technique to cultivate self-compassion: compile a personal list of five uplifting phrases you can turn to when you would typically berate yourself. Then, set reminders on your phone, at least thrice daily, and jot down these affirmations in the alarm’s description. When the reminder goes off, take a moment to recite these gentle words to yourself, allowing that nurturing self-talk , self Care to be at the forefront of your mind even during challenging times.” —Peter Alessandria, a talented photographer, motivational speaker, and the inspiring author of Be Bigger Than You Think You Are!

12. Give 20-second hugs (when you can).

Hugging triggers sensory nerves that generate chemical signals related to pleasure and social bonding. Hugging increases the hormone oxytocin, which is important for a strong immune system, as well as dopamine, your “chill out” hormone, and self-esteem. The number of hugs you give each day may not matter as much as the length of your hugs, according to research. The ideal hug for your mood is one that lasts 20 seconds or longer. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, the creator of Ancient Nutrition as well as a writer

13. Spend just five minutes a day tidying your home.

“Your home’s orderliness is a reflection of the harmony within your life and mind. Instead of letting chaos sneak up on you at the most inconvenient moments, integrate tidying up into your morning routine. Dedicate a mere five minutes to place items back where they belong, stash away the dishes, and swiftly clean the countertops. This small yet meaningful action kickstarts your day with a sense of achievement, empowering you to tackle whatever comes your way effortlessly.” —Jenny Blake

14. Create a designated at-home workspace.

“With the growing trend of working from home, home-based work has become an indispensable part of our lives. Beyond its functional importance in boosting productivity, a home office plays a profound role in nourishing our overall well-being and fostering a sense of equilibrium. As we embrace the opportunities of 2021, let’s carve out a special place in our homes, dedicated solely to remote work, and the pursuit of a balanced work-life relationship. By doing so, not only can we enhance our professional accomplishments, but we can also embark on a transformative journey of improved health and personal fulfillment.” – Sarah Brandow, the compassionate and astute chief nutritionist at VitaBowl.

15. Laugh every single day.

“Introducing humor and laughter into your life can breathe new life into your days, providing a momentary respite from life’s burdens and uncertainties. Laughter’s enchanting ability to trigger the release of serotonin, the brain’s happiness booster, can effectively dial down feelings of depression. It’s not merely about an emotional uplift; it’s like your heart gets a chance to waltz with joy, fueled by the surge of oxygenated blood coursing through your veins. The power of laughter extends to shield your cardiovascular system, safeguarding blood vessels and heart muscles from the clutches of disease, thanks to its remarkable anti-inflammatory effects.

So, take a deliberate step and infuse your days with at least 10 minutes of mirth. Tune into a witty podcast, relish the humor of comedians, savor sitcoms, or share hearty jokes – these simple yet potent acts hold the key to rejuvenate your body and soul.” —Yvonne Thomas, PhD, psychologist

16. Try to meal plan once a week.

“While tidying your fridge, spend a half-hour planning your recipes and shopping list. You’ll be able to eat healthier during the week as a result, eliminating the need for last-minute deliveries and the associated costs and [unhealthy options]. Even though they are not nutrient-dense and eventually make us feel more exhausted and sluggish, when we are pressed for time, we frequently choose the quickest and most convenient foods.

You’ll notice that by making your meal plans in advance, you feel more rested throughout the week and more in charge of your schedule and nutrition. Your brain will have more room as a result to concentrate on your relationships, job, and other priorities. –Lauren Cook

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17. Give something back.

“Science has proven that giving to others improves your emotions. It’s not necessary to provide a gift; consider getting in touch with someone you know would appreciate it, doing some shopping for a neighbor, or carrying out a modest act of kindness in your neighborhood, such as donating some tins to a food bank. You’ll not only make someone else’s day better, but your own as well. —Nicola Elliott, the company’s creator

18. Focus on adding good habits, not kicking every bad one.

“As soon as the new year begins, individuals begin to reflect on all of their negative habits and how to break them. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure by doing this, which is not realistic. As an alternative, make an effort to replace one unhealthy behavior with one new, healthy one. Let’s pretend, for illustration purposes, that you are addicted to soda. Drink one to two glasses of water for each can you consume. You might be surprised by how fantastic the new, healthy habit makes you feel, and you’ll give up the old one for good before you realize it. —Samia Gore, the company’s CEO and founder.

19. Commit to making your bed.

“Embarking on the journey of making your bed each morning unleashes a delightful magic that shapes your entire day. The daily commitment to this seemingly mundane act instills a powerful routine, guiding you towards triumphant achievements. And oh, the joy of slipping into a crisply made bed at night, it’s like a gentle embrace of comfort and serenity. A little secret I hold dear is to make your bed as soon as your feet touch the floor. This mindful ritual anchors your focus, imbuing your mornings with purpose and clarity, protecting them from the turbulence of distractions. Should a loved one still slumber, waiting with patience and warmth until they rise, and then, together, crafting a cozy haven of sheets and pillows.

Yet, making your bed won’t gift you a six-pack, but its true magic lies within the realm of the mind. Through this seemingly simple task, perfection dances within your grasp, empowering you to conquer the formidable challenges that await you throughout the day.” — Drew Manning, the nurturing fitness coach, and author.

20. Take more baths & Self Care.

In addition to being purifying, baths are a wonderful place to find alone, peace, and comfort. Take therapeutic salts and other natural components that are excellent for your skin. Pour some apple cider vinegar on your skin to get the pH back to where it should be. To soak in magnesium, which eases stiff, painful muscles and promotes sleep, add Epsom salts. Try adding some baking soda last. Toxins can be removed from the body quite effectively by doing this. —Elizabeth O’Connor Cole, writer, wellness specialist, and CEO of SALVEO Lifestyle

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